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Summer season Exercise Plan Burn180 – Health Gurls Journal

Time to get that summer season bod so as which implies we have to begin amplifying your HIIT Exercises to lean out here’s a stable exercise you are able to do to interrupt a sweat and get toned! 




  • Standing Row: Whereas standing tall with ft separated aside knees barely bent.  Maintain onto two handles on the Burn180 resistance bands and row by pulling the shoulder blades again and pinching mid-back collectively.  Rep it out for 15 reps! 
  • Core palof press walkouts: Heat up the core by standing sideways to 1 resistance band.  Grasp one deal with with 2 arms and press out away out of your physique.  Maintain that place by partaking your core.  Take 3 facet steps out away from the resistance and three steps again.  Repeat 8x on both sides. 
  • Unilateral chest press:  Utilizing one resistance band from the Burn180.  Face away from the plate.  Have the elbow 45 levels to the facet of the physique and push the band out to the opposing hand squeezing the chest collectively, slowly returning the resistance again to beginning place. Repeat 15x on both sides.  
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Circuit: 2 rounds (Newbie), 4 Rounds (Superior)

  • Leap swap Lunges with Row Holds 30”: Whereas holding 2 bands pull the band and lock your. Elbows at your facet whereas squeezing shoulder blades down and again collectively.  Begin with the correct leg in entrance in a lunge whereas ensuring to maintain each legs at 90 levels.  Leap up and swap to the other leg ahead, preserve repeating for 30”.  If unable to take action swap legs with out the leap.
  • Relaxation 45” 
  • Lunge Holds with Alternating Row 30”: Maintain a great lunge place with the entrance knee over the ankle, and again knee beneath the hip (90 levels).  Row one arm again with the opposite arm prolonged in entrance.  Alternate the row for 30 seconds and swap legs repeat 30 seconds.  If unable to take action, maintain for a shorter length on both sides! 
  • Relaxation 45” 
  • Squat Jumps with band Pull Backs 30” (Lat Pull Jumps):  Begin in a great squat place with butt again and knees not in entrance of toes.  Keep low with arms prolonged holding 2 bands.  Leap straight up and pull the band again in the direction of you with straight arms palms dealing with backward like you might be doing a Lat pull down.  Land again in a squat with the arms prolonged in entrance once more and repeat! 
  • Relaxation 2 minutes and Repeat!

Circuit 2: 2 Rounds (All with Burn 180 Waist Belt) (Newbie), 4 Rounds (Superior)

  • Aspect Shuffle cone touches 30” Relaxation 30” different facet 30”: Connect one band to the Burn180 Belt loop.  Arrange a cone roughly 5 ft out of your beginning place.  Shuffle laterally to the cone squat down and contact the cone.  Return to beginning position-controlled with out letting the resistance pull you! Repeat 30” on both sides. 
  • Relaxation 45” 
  • Run in Place (Excessive Knees) 30”: Maintain chest tall, start to run in place with excessive knees pumping the arms.  Maintain the depth excessive for 30”! 
  • Relaxation 45” 
  • Broad Jumps with again peddles 30”:  Begin in a tall place with arms overhead, drop down right into a squat with arms down and again… Leap ahead so far as you may land with good kind ensuring your knees don’t collapse inwards in a correct squat.  You should definitely use one resistance band and belt for this one with the resistance instantly behind the tailbone! 30” then relaxation! 
  • Relaxation 2 minutes and repeat

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