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PROTEIN 101 – Tone It Up

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Making merchandise for girls by girls, it’s at all times been important for us to incorporate the highest-quality and best-tasting protein. That’s as a result of protein is a powerhouse macronutrient — particularly for us as energetic girls trying to really feel our strongest and healthiest. 

We’re breaking down every part you should learn about protein, what it does on your stunning physique, and why Tone It Up Protein is designed particularly for YOU!

tiu protein

Why does your physique want protein? 

For a few years, protein was regarded as one thing for males, however it’s really key to reaching your health targets as a lady. Listed here are a number of of the unbelievable advantages: 

✓ Kinds lean muscle

While you crush your TIU exercises, your muscle fibers break down. Your physique wants protein’s amino acids to synthesize new cells, which restore the broken fibers and assist type new, lean muscle. Analysis exhibits that post-workout protein can improve features in muscle power and even your cardio energy!

✓ Boosts metabolism 

Protein requires extra power to digest, metabolize, and use in comparison with carbs and fats. This creates a thermic impact in your physique, which implies you burn power simply by digesting protein. This course of can really burn as much as 30 p.c of the energy you absorb.

✓ Retains you glad 

Research present that including protein to your meals can decrease ranges of ghrelin, aka the “starvation hormone,” which sends indicators to your mind to stimulate urge for food. Protein additionally boosts ranges of the hormone peptide YY, which boosts your satiety. 

✓ Retains your power regular 

​​Pairing protein with a wholesome steadiness of fats and carbs will hold your blood sugar ranges regular, which prevents power spikes and crashes. Translation: You’ll be feeling balanced and energized all day lengthy!

tiu protein

Why is Tone It Up Protein plant-based?

Our mission has at all times been to make Tone It Up Protein inclusive for everybody — irrespective of who you might be, your way of life, or you probably have dietary restrictions. As a result of Tone It Up Protein is plant-based, it really works for everybody, whether or not you’re vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian, flexitarian, have a dairy or soy sensitivity, or just wish to incorporate extra plant-based meals into your way of life. Tone It Up Protein is such a simple and scrumptious option to get extra vegetation into your day!

tiu protein

What’s the distinction between whey and pea protein? 

We selected the kind of protein in your powders and snacks very rigorously and we’ll clarify why! Whey protein is a by-product of dairy manufacturing. It’s made by heating cow’s milk and filtering the liquid portion from the curds that type. The liquid whey is dried and shaped right into a powder. 

As a result of whey is derived from dairy, we’ve discovered that it may possibly trigger bloating and abdomen upset. We additionally needed to decide on a protein that works for plant-based women and people with dairy intolerances. Tone It Up Protein is NOT made with whey or every other dairy product, or soy, which may have hormonal results. 

Which brings us to what Tone It Up Protein is manufactured from…pea protein! Our pea protein is made by extracting protein from yellow cut up peas. It’s fully plant-based, so it’s superb for everybody. 

A few of the different perks are:

✓ Naturally gluten-free

✓ Dairy-free

✓ Wealthy in iron, which helps a wholesome immune system

✓ Pea protein is without doubt one of the few plant-based full proteins, which implies it incorporates all 9 of the important amino acids the physique wants (your physique doesn’t produce these by itself). Getting these amino acids is essential to forming lean muscle, boosting your metabolism, and recovering post-workout.

✓ Scrumptious, easy style!

tiu protein

Why is 15 grams of protein best for you? 

You’ll discover that Tone It Up Protein has 15 grams of protein per serving, and we selected that quantity very deliberately as a result of it’s the candy spot for girls to see the advantages of protein with out over consuming it. 

One of many issues I discovered whereas finding out vitamin that shocked me is that when you’ve gotten extra protein, your physique shops it as fats. Each protein and carbs have 4 energy per gram. Additional carbs are stored as fats (one thing most of us know), however many don’t understand that further protein is saved the identical method. That’s why, as a lady, you don’t need an excessive amount of protein in a single sitting. 

Plus, if you use protein powder in recipes, you might be additionally getting protein from different sources. For instance, in a protein pancake, you get protein from egg whites. In a smoothie, the nut milk and even the fruit ship protein too. 

With 15 grams of protein per scoop in your powder, plus different sources from the recipes, you’re getting simply the correct quantity of protein to fulfill your health and vitamin targets. You’ll really feel glad and energized whereas additionally mild, match, and wholesome!

tiu protein

What else do you have to look out for on labels? 

We will’t emphasize sufficient how essential it’s to examine your labels! So many protein merchandise are crammed with synthetic elements, faux sugars, and an extended listing of elements you may’t pronounce. Tone It Up Protein is made with THE BEST elements which are all plant-based, non-GMO, gluten-free, and kosher. We don’t use something synthetic or any faux sugar merchandise that may trigger bloating. 

We stand by our elements 1,000% and are so pleased with all of the Tone It Up Vitamin merchandise. We make every part for YOU, so it needs to be the best possible! That’s — and at all times will probably be — our #1 precedence, ardour, and goal!

Able to replenish?!

You possibly can seize your Tone It Up Protein within the TIU store right here and within the aisles of Goal and Walmart.


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