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Ought to You Cook dinner By Cups or Weight? – Ditch The Carbs

Why cook dinner by weight or cups? Which is healthier?

Correct (and simple) measuring is crucial to avoiding costly baking errors. Uncover precisely what that you must make scrumptious selfmade baking.

Plus I’ve obtained FREE Kitchen Conversion Charts so that you can make all of it easy.

charts showing the best way to measure baking by cups or weight

There’s an everlasting debate over the query is it higher to cook dinner by weight measurements or by quantity measurements?

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Measuring elements by weight is extra correct, however utilizing dry measuring cups or liquid measuring cups is less complicated.

Whether or not you like to make use of imperial measurements or the metric system for measuring elements, these conversion charts will provide help to get constant outcomes each time.

Baking 101 (suggestions & charts)

collage of baking conversion charts

The best way to cook dinner by weight

Cooking by weight utilizing a digital kitchen scale is probably the most correct method to measure baking elements whether or not you like the imperial measurements or the metric system to measure elements.

It is worthwhile to purchase a set of low cost kitchen scales to get exact elements. In the long term, it is going to prevent cash as a result of you’ll cease costly baking errors.

I like to recommend you purchase a set of electrical digital kitchen scales that may measure ounces and grams so it doesn’t matter what your recipe requires, you may get actual measurements. It is the simplest methodology for weighing elements.


  • It is correct.
  • Measure immediately right into a mixing bowl.
  • It is simple so as to add every ingredient after which press “tare” or “zero” on the digital scales.
  • You create fewer dishes as you employ fewer measuring cups and spoons.
  • You’ll be able to measure dry elements immediately into your mixing bowl.
  • Changing recipes is a breeze with a contact of a button.


The best way to cook dinner by cups

Most of us grew up measuring flour and sugar utilizing measuring cups, and it is a laborious behavior to interrupt. However measuring baking elements utilizing measuring cups could provide you with inconsistent outcomes.

When you’re calculating your carbs, fats, and protein, accuracy is extremely vital the place that you must know the closest gram of what you are consuming. Do not go away it as much as probability. You’ll be able to typically misjudge the elements (and your carbs) by 10%-20%.


  • Fast and simple to scoop and measure.


  • Inaccurate.
  • The measured ingredient could also be kind of relying on how firmly you pack the cup or how loosely you scoop the elements.
  • 1 cup measures otherwise if you do not have a straight edge.

Finest kitchen digital scales

The most effective kitchen scale is one which you’ll truly use. So select a kitchen scale that’s straightforward to make use of, and can measure metric measurements, fluid ounces, and small portions.

Some will provide help to convert recipes too.

  • Food plan vitamin meals scales – assist to portion management meals, calculate energy, carbs, and fats with meals details/
  • Easy scales – these wood impact electrical scales are straightforward to make use of and simple to wipe clear
  • Baking scales – baking scales with a bowl makes it straightforward to bake truffles with accuracy and with much less washing up.
  • Slimline scales – so you may preserve them in a kitchen drawer and use them each single time
  • Measuring cup scale – a scale with a measuring cup must be the most effective of each worlds. You’ll be able to measure baking elements by weight or by cups.
  • Lovely kitchen scales – to maintain on show in your kitchen worktop. Please DO NOT retailer one thing ornamental in them. Use them.

Measuring cups, tbsp, and tsp

The most typical kitchen measuring instruments are teaspoons, tablespoons, and a measuring cup. It is vital that what sizes you’ve and what sizes a recipe makes use of. Figuring out what number of ml are in a cup and what number of ml are in a tablespoon is crucial.

An American recipe would possibly use a regular 240 ml measuring cup, whereas a regular measuring cup in the remainder of the world is 250 ml.

Each kitchen wants a very good set of measuring cups and measuring spoons for fast baking recipes.

  • customary tablespoon is 15ml which is 3 teaspoons.
  • customary Australian tablespoon is 20ml, which is 4 teaspoons.

The best way to measure butter

The best way to measure butter – fast butter conversion charts.

Butter is best to measure by weight (utilizing grams or ounces) however some individuals favor to measure sticks of butter (which might be pre-wrapped and pre-measured parts of butter) or with a tablespoon.

Utilizing a measuring cup to measure butter is tough. This butter conversion chart reveals the variety of grams or ounces are in a cup, a stick, or a tablespoon.

Stick tablespoon Cups Ounces Grams
½ stick 4 tbsp ¼ cup 2 oz 57 g
1 stick 8 tbsp ½ cup 4 oz 113 g
2 stick 16 tbsp 1 cup 8 oz 227 g
3 sticks 24 tbsp 1.5 cups 12 oz 340 g
The best way to measure butter


mockup of cooking conversion chart


⅕ teaspoon = 1 ml
1 teaspoon = 5 ml
1 tablespoon = 15 ml
1 fl ounce = 30 ml
1 cup = 237 ml
1 pint (2 cups) = 473 ml
1 quart (4 cups) = .95 liter
1 gallon (16 cups) = 3.8 liters
1 oz = 28 grams
1 pound = 454 grams


1 gram = .035 ounces
100 grams = 3.5 ounces
500 grams = 1.1 kilos
1 kilogram = 35 ounces

charts showing the best way to measure baking by cups or weight

What this web site makes use of

These cooking conversion charts are a useful kitchen reference information. Ditch The Carbs is a world web site, so the cooking measurements are a useful gizmo to transform weight, quantity, temperatures, and even ingredient names.

Except in any other case said, I take advantage of a Customary US Cup which is 240ml, 5ml teaspoon (tsp), and a 15ml tablespoon (tbsp). The chart under reveals the conversion from cups, ml, fl. oz, tsp, and tbsp.

The usual metric cup is 250ml, typically utilized in NZ, UK, and CA. However who/the place every cup is used is being muddied now with retailers importing measuring cups from suppliers all over the world.

Weight vs quantity FAQ

How a lot does a regular measuring cup maintain?

If you’re baking American recipes, the usual cup holds 240ml. In all places else on the earth makes use of a 250 ml measuring cup.

How do you measure fluid ounces?

US fluid ounces, 1 fl. oz = 29.6 ml. 1 ml = 0.033814 fluid ounces.

Why do I want to make use of a dry measuring cup?

A dry measuring cup will give correct quantity measurements. When you use a moist or damp cup, the flour will persist with the cup and you’ll lose worthwhile grams of flour that will not go into your cake batter.

What is the distinction between fluid ounces and common ounces?

Fluid ounces measure fluids (how a lot area it takes up) and a daily ounce is a weight measurement.

What’s one of the simplest ways to measure dry elements?

if you wish to measure cocoa powder, all-purpose flour, or different mass measurements, it’s best to make use of a digital scale.

When you favor to make use of dry measuring cups, ensure you do not pack the flour into the cup and use one thing with a straight edge (resembling a knife) to flatten the floor. When you overfill your 1 cup measure, you’ll add extra flour to your cake batter and it’ll find yourself dry.

What’s one of the simplest ways to make use of measuring spoons?

A measuring spoon set is ideal to measure small liquid elements resembling vanilla essence (vanilla extract), or small dry elements resembling baking powder, salt, gelatin, and even citrus zest.

What number of grams of flour are in 1 cup of flour?

1 cup of all-purpose flour = 120 grams
1 cup of almond flour = 100 grams
1 cup of coconut flour = 100 grams

It’s at all times finest to measure flour by weight.

Ought to I pack my cup of flour firmly?

No. Use the sweep methodology to softly scoop a cup of flour from a flour bag to forestall a firmly packed cup of flour.

1 cup of flour that’s firmly packed will weigh heavier than 1 cup of flour that’s not pressed agency and has been leveled with a straight edge.

It makes an enormous distinction when measuring flour into your mixing bowl.

Irrespective of which methodology of ingredient measurements you employ, that you must

Are scales extra correct than cups?

Scales will at all times give extra correct outcomes however most house cooks favor to scoop 1 cup into their mixing bowl. Attempt to get into the behavior of measuring by weight.

So many recipes present each strategies. I write recipes utilizing cups, grams, and ounces so all of the recipe conversions are finished for you.

How do you measure an egg?

One massive egg is identical dimension as 2 oz or 57 grams.

Is it higher to bake by weight or quantity?

measure the identical means each time, with the identical quantity each time, so the identical recipe is ideal each time.

Completely satisfied baking!


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