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MAN v FAT Soccer Superb Loser Jordan Skinner

What did you eat earlier than you misplaced weight?

Effectively, I work within the motor commerce so junk meals is well obtained put it that method!

I used to have cereal or toast which is fairly regular for breakfast. Nevertheless, at work I used to have a snack when the pasty van used to come back spherical earlier than dinner, I assumed nothing of it because it was a snack and I saved transferring being in a bodily job.

Supper time I used to have sandwiches however with the crisps, the chocolate, sausage rolls and so on., it quickly mounts up.

Lastly, once I bought residence I used to snack on a bag of crisps or one thing earlier than tea. I used to both have a takeaway or have one thing processed which isn’t all the time good and may quickly be a slippery slope.


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