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How one can Personal Woman’s Slippers-Minnesota’s Enchanting Native Orchids

Shopping for Woman’s Slippers – A Distinctive Alternative

In case you haven’t seen Tracy Walsh’s stunning photograph of Woman’s Slippers on the quilt of the 2022 Might/June version of Northern Gardener Journal–the publication of the Minnesota Horticultural Society–then you must actually test it out. The quilt options the Yellow Woman’s Slipper and is a superb take a look at the beautiful woodland dwellers.  The chance to see one among Minnesota’s native orchids in bloom is sort of an expertise, particularly the Showy Woman’s Slipper (also referred to as the Pink and White Woman’s Slipper) which is the Minnesota State Flower!  Every year between Mid-Late Might Sargent’s Nursery offers you the chance to personal one among Minnesota’s most beloved and enchanting flowers! You don’t see them on the market simply wherever, so why is that?

Unlawful to Accumulate-Woman’s Slippers

Since 1925, this uncommon wildflower has been protected by Minnesota state legislation. The truth is, it’s unlawful to choose, uproot or unearth the flowers.

With a view to supply them for a restricted time to our prospects, we supply these Woman’s Slippers from a small operation that holds a particular allow from the State of Minnesota to reap Woman’s Slippers from websites the place they might in any other case be destroyed by highway building initiatives. This fascinating man delivers these rescued beauties to us in his station wagon–typically along with his canines in tow–and tells his tales of the season.

Once they arrive they’re simply developing out of the bottom, so that you’ll get to expertise the enjoyment of watching them bloom–someday in late June or early July–in your individual woodland or shady backyard setting! These are uncommon and troublesome to develop and require some specialised care and siting, however an absolute surprise for the best gardener and the best setting!

Discovered residing in open fens, bogs, swamps, and damp woods the place there may be an abundance of pure gentle, the showy Woman’s-Slipper is one among 43 orchid species that develop in Minnesota. The female-looking orchid grows slowly, taking as much as 16 years to provide the primary flowers and the crops might stay, on common, about 50 years!

Yellow Woman’s Slipper


Woodland Plant Soil Preferences

Woman’s Slippers work finest in an current woodland setting, the place different natives already develop and the place leaf litter accumulates to create a humus-rich soil. Clay-rich or sandy soils won’t home these delicate crops effectively.

Really useful Soils You Can Buy at Sargent’s:

  • Combine in Cotton Burr Compost
  • Completely satisfied Frog Soil Combine

Daylight for Woman’s Slippers

Woman’s Slippers will do finest beneath the dappled shade of tall timber, as is often present in a woodland setting. Morning gentle and daytime shade are okay, however lower than 4 hours of sunshine per day is what you’re capturing for and oblique gentle is finest.

Watering Woman’s Slippers

Properly-drained soil, with even moisture.

Woman’s Slipper Hardiness Zones

3 – 8.  Pink Wing, Minnesota is in Zone 4b.

How one can Plant your Woman’s Slipper

Dig a gap at the least twice as massive as the basis ball of the Showy Woman’s Slipper orchid.

Maintain the Showy Woman’s Slipper orchid over the outlet or empty pot in order that the bottom of the orchid is even with the bottom stage or simply beneath the pot’s rim. Fill the outlet or pot with a mix of soil and acidic compost and pack firmly as you go. Water effectively.

Verify for slugs. Defend from deer. They suppose it’s a scrumptious snack…

Enjoyable Truth about Woman’s Slippers

The pink and white woman slipper can stay longer than the common human life span – some species might develop to be 100 years previous! The larger the basis ball, the older the orchid!


18H.18 Conservation of sure wildflowers.

Subdivision 1. Restrictions on amassing. No individual shall distribute the state flower (Cypripedium reginae), or any species of woman slipper (Cypripedieae), any member of the orchid household, any gentian (Gentiana), arbutus (epigaea repens), lilies (Lilium), coneflowers (Echinacea), bloodroot (Sanguinaria Canadensis), mayapple (Podophyllum peltatutum), any species of trillium, or lotus (Nelumbo lutea), which have been collected in any method from any public or non-public property with out the written permission of the property proprietor and written authorization from the commissioner.

Subd. 2. Assortment with out sale. Wildflower assortment from public or non-public land for the aim of transplanting the crops to an individual’s non-public property and never providing for instant sale, requires the written permission from the property proprietor of the land on which the wildflowers are rising.

Subd. 3. Assortment with intent to promote or distribute wildflowers. (a) The wildflowers listed on this part could also be provided for instant sale provided that the crops are for use for scientific or herbarium functions.

(b) The wildflowers listed on this part should not be collected and offered commercially except the crops are:

  1. rising naturally, collected, and cultivated on the collector’s property; or
  2. collected by the method described in subdivision 2 and transplanted and cultivated on the collector’s property.

(c) The collector should acquire a written allow from the commissioner earlier than the crops could also be provided for business sale.

HIST: 2003 c 128 artwork 5 s 17

Copyright 2004 by the Workplace of Revisor of Statutes, State of Minnesota.


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