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Enhancing your Soil with Compost

When ought to I add compost?

When you’ve got flower or veggie gardens that haven’t been producing sturdy crops with nice foliage, prolific flowers, or good harvests, then it might be time to amend your soil with compost from Sargent’s. The perfect time to amend your soil is while you’re constructing a brand new backyard, however you may amend in the beginning of the rising season irrespective of how previous or new your backyard is!

Soil Testing

The one actual solution to inform what your soil wants is with a soil take a look at. Soil checks take a look at the feel, pH, and vitamins current in your soil.


When you keep in mind again to highschool biology, pH measures the alkalinity and acidity of one thing; on this case, our soil. pH is a important side of soil well being as a result of with out correct pH crops can not successfully draw vitamins from the soil. Totally different crops have completely different wants, but when a soil take a look at exhibits your soil is simply too acidic, you’ll have to amend with lime.


Soil checks additionally take a look at a soil’s texture. The feel of soil  is essential in order that crops can obtain the correct quantity of moisture to their roots. A soil that’s too dense or clay-like will entice moisture and promote root rot, whereas a soil that’s overly sandy will dry out too rapidly and crops won’t ever get the moisture they want. Including natural materials, like compost,  peat moss, or composted manure will enhance the feel of your soil. It helps sandier soils retain water, and makes denser soils free, so water can drain at a greater price and so roots can penetrate.  Natural matter also can assist enhance the nutrient content material of the soil.


There are three important nutrient–or macro vitamins– your soil wants; Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, often known as NPK (Okay is the chemical image for potassium). These vitamins are important for plant development, flowering, and fruiting.

  • Nitrogen (N) is what makes the leaves develop.
  • Phosphorus (P) makes roots develop sturdy and is chargeable for flower and fruit improvement.
  • Potassium (Okay) actually promotes the general wellbeing of your crops.

The College of Minnesota extension program supplies a soil testing service for a small charge. The take a look at outcomes will let what sorts of amendments you need to be including to your soil so you may enhance the feel, change the pH if wanted, and add the best vitamins to get your crops to thrive.

Store Sargent’s for Soil Amendments

Sargent’s carries every thing you should amend your soil, so when you’re armed along with your soil take a look at outcomes, cease in an you may store for lime, fertilizers, compost, soil/compost mixtures, composted manure and peat moss. Bagged or bulk, we may help you select, load up, or if wanted, we ship!


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